A career where you get out what you put in

Join NG

We offer a career where you get out what you put in. Where you’re rewarded for hard work. Where you’re never watching the clock. Where you can build your own thing. Where people are your primary focus.

Why Join Us?

Build Long-lasting Relationships

We learn our niche well, provide a genuine consultative service and emphasize long term relationship building instead of shoehorning quick wins.

Feel Empowered

We’ll provide you with a transparent working environment. We don’t set KPI’s or micromanage, but in return we expect you to be self-motivated and be empowered by autonomy.

Get Rewarded

We’re a tight knit team with a family feel. We collaborate, bounce ideas off one another and celebrate our successes as a team. On top of that, we reward success!

Make a Difference

We are flexible in the way we think and value ideas, so you will get to help make a difference to our business from day one.

Send Us Your CV

We’re open to different ways to grow the team, so drop us an email [contact@nicholsonglover.co.uk] with your CV and we’ll see what we can do.