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Fallen out of love with your job?

By Francis Nicholson

The Greenest Grass is the often the Grass you Water

The reality of any job is that there are repetitive tasks, cyclical patterns, highs and lows. Even the job you thought was your dream job could turn out not to work for you at various stages of your life. I once thought I wanted to be a ski instructor – what’s not to like about the fresh air, happy holiday people, good food, active lifestyle – but guess what, I know ski instructors who still grumble, feel trapped and want to do something else. Who knew?! I had a similar slump, call it boredom, call it “been there, done that”. I thought about every alternative under the sun, until a friend said to me, “Perhaps it is just a case of tweaking how you do things rather than making dramatic changes?” He got me thinking about how to get the buzz back.

Reflect on your journey

Many of us are our own worst critics but taking time out to reflect on your journey from when you first entered the working world will help give you some perspective. It will help you see how far you have come. Remind yourself of why you got into the job in the first place, what made you excited about it and what gave you the buzz. Maybe you are no longer doing those things i.e. if your job has changed, or you have just forgotten to embrace that side of the role.

Tweak your routine

No doubt your life stage has changed. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new house, had kids, or both. Maybe you need to tweak your routine to avoid every workday blurring into one! Try some things to break your routine. Work from home a bit more, turn your emails off one day a week, change your lunch routine, vary your work hours, get out to more meetings. Generally, just shake things up a bit.

Set goals

Having clear sight of your purpose is key. Having a sense of purpose will make you instantly feel reenergised. Take on some new challenges, increase your own targets and stretch your own goals. Talk to your boss, or if you are the boss, take on a mentor and lean on them to help you refocus your goals.

Keep learning

You may feel like you have plateaued, so you need to think about how you can put yourself back on the learning curve.  Take on new qualifications or responsibilities at work, broaden or refine your skillset and find a way to utilise these in your current role.

Choose a positive attitude

We all have this choice and must remember that we are lucky to have this choice, as many don’t. Be the Radiator, not the Drain. Light up the room, don’t be the one sucking the life out of it. You can only influence those immediately around you. Be passionate about your work in every detail and you will soon find that it is contagious.   Before you start making dramatic changes, it makes sense to try making small tweaks first. Change what you can change. If that doesn’t work, perhaps it is time to try the same role somewhere different – to surround yourself with new people, new ideas and new ways of working. Failing that, you could try a complete career change. Either way, we’re happy to have a chat with you to see if we can steer you in the right direction and help you get the buzz back!