If you ask employers and recruiters for their best tips for hiring the right talent, you could end up with a long list of recommendations. Not only that, but you might have several conflicting pieces of advice too. There are so many things to think about for successful hiring that it can be difficult to know what advice to follow and what you should ignore. Narrowing down a few most important factors will help to keep things simple, and give you some core principles to follow for success. With just three simple rules, you can give candidates what they’re looking for and discover top talent to fulfil any role.

1. Ensure a Fast Hiring Process

Any company that is slow to hire the talent they need can find themselves missing out on top talent. Candidates don’t want to wait around too long to hear if they’ve got the job, and nor do they want to go through an unnecessarily lengthy hiring process. They won’t hesitate to accept another job offer that comes in before yours reaches them, especially if your offer isn’t going to top it.

Speeding up your hiring process can make a big difference to candidate experience. Consider whether you can reduce the number of interviews or perhaps use video or phone interviews to make vetting candidates quicker. A faster hiring process doesn’t have to mean cutting corners or a rush job. You can still find the very best talent, and snap them up before anyone else has a chance to.

 2. Set Quality Control Measures

 Good quality control is essential when you’re hiring new people. You need to be able to consistently apply the same requirements to different candidates to ensure you find the very best. You can make sure that you have good quality control by putting one person in charge of vetting everyone using the same standards. It makes more sense for a single person to compare all candidates than to have different people making subjective decisions.

You can also be clear with what you’re looking for in the talent you want to hire. Create a checklist or a description of the perfect candidate for the role. You can compare each candidate against what you’re looking for, from qualifications to experience, so that you can make consistent choices.

3. Offer an Attractive Package

Your most desired candidates are likely considering positions with other companies too. If their skills and experience are in demand, it’s not enough to simply offer them a job. When they know that something better could come along, they’re less likely to accept your offer straight away. That’s why it’s essential to think about the salary you offer and any additional benefits too. A competitive remuneration package attracts the right talent and increases your chances of having offers accepted once you have found the right person to hire.


Successful hiring takes a lot of work, but by following these three simple rules, you can find and hire the right talent.