Market research helps businesses get to know their customers in-depth. It allows understanding of a huge range of important factors, from how consumers use websites to their emotional responses to adverts.

Like any other industry, the insights sector is always growing, and new trends emerge all the time. Every year, it’s possible to observe new and growing trends thatinfluence how the sector is advancing and changing. In recent years, the focus has been largely on new technologies and how they can improve understanding of consumer behaviour, as well as how they can make market research easier to carry out.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence has been growing in all fields, and the insights sector is no exception. AI can be used in a large number of ways in market research, helping with everything from improving surveys to tracking eye movements for website users.

Artificial intelligence tools make it possible to use data to perfect market research, improving tools and furthering understanding of consumers and their behaviours. One of the ways AI is helping to improve market research is through the use of chatbots, which can provide conversational feedback from consumers. Employers are sure to be looking for insight experts with a strong knowledge of AI and how to use it to their advantage.


Automation is another trend that is taking off within the market research sphere. The main benefit of automation is that it saves time, and making the best use of the time available is vital.
Automated systems take care of many different tasks, efficiently collecting, organising and interpreting data. It allows for more work to be carried out in shorter amounts of time, and it also means removing some of the human factor from research.

While this can have downsides, it often means that human error is removed too. Employers and recruiters will want to see that you don’t rely too heavily on automation but that you know when it’s useful and how to use the right tools.

Understanding Emotions

Market research often focuses on the logical decisions that consumers make when they’re choosing a product or service. However, many are now turning their attention more to the emotions that influence consumer decisions. People are not purely logical, and emotions can affect their choices too.

Consumer choices can often be unconscious too, affected by emotions
and bias. Qualitative research helps researchers to seek information about the emotional reactions and feelings of consumers. Being able to demonstrate that you can conduct a range of different research types gives you an advantage when you’re looking for work.

Thorough Website Testing

A company’s online presence is more important now than ever, and its website provides one of the main points of contact for customers. Understanding how consumers interact with a website is essential to understanding their behaviour, motivations and decision-making process. Consumer behaviour when interacting with websites can be measured in a variety of ways through analytics tools, eye movement tracking, emotion measurement and various other methods.

Employers are increasingly looking for researchers with knowledge of these online research methods, and the ability to analyse the data they produce.

The insights sector continues to evolve, with this year’s trends helping brands to dig deeper into how their customers think, feel and act. Researchers should make use of new technologies to achieve their goals.