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Research Analyst | Forensic Consultancy.

  • £40,000
Looking for a research role that has a social purpose? This is the the place to be! With 40 years of expertise in labour market trends, salaries, and unique niches like historic abuse effects on careers, subtle brain injuries' impact on employment, and more, they're leaders in the game. The Post Office scandal would be a typical example of what this consultancy advises on.
  • The Job:

    We’re seeking a dynamic Research/Information Analyst to join our team. You’ll conduct in-depth analysis and research on labour market trends to support the preparation of employment reports mainly for the legal sector. You’ll collaborate closely with the Research/Information Manager and Principal, offering insights and expertise in complex cases that require sophisticated research methodologies.

  • Key Responsibilities:

    • Uncover accurate and relevant information and statistics tailored to specific cases.
    • Interpret and validate data, presenting findings in clear and concise reports.
    • Utilize various sources including primary and secondary research methods to gather information.
    • Conduct mathematical calculations and utilize Excel for data analysis and presentation.
    • Update and maintain research materials in our library to ensure relevance and accuracy.
    • Ensure all research is meticulously documented and presented as legal documents.
    • Undertake primary and secondary research i.e. internet research and searching in the in-house library (secondary) as well as sending questionnaires or telephoning people to obtain information (primary).
    • Handle administrative tasks including responding to inquiries, typing letters and reports, and organizing correspondence.
    • Prepare files for court proceedings, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.
    • Proofread and maintain consistency and accuracy across all reports.
  • Why join?

    • Small close knit team in a a friendly office environment
    • Highly interesting and valuable work with strong social purpose
    • Exposure to the senior management team
    • Opportunity to also take on some content / social media responsibilities




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