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Social Media: The Death of a Straightforward Job Search?

Social media: selling us the dream job since 2003

Through LinkedIn’s rise to prominence since its inception in 2003, the number of alternative platforms to advertise jobs has increased exponentially, meaning that there is an oversaturation not only of relevant opportunities but also of the roles less relevant to candidates. It is no surprise that people become jaded through having so many roles to choose from – how can they not when reading through the 20th job description claiming to give you autonomy in your new role from day one, and boasting a great work-life balance.

Have we become desensitised when it comes to the job search?

Not only does reading all these job descriptions make the already challenging task of job searching more difficult and much more laborious, it is also very ineffective. On platforms such as LinkedIn and other job boards, more recent updates have allowed people to apply for jobs with very little effort, often having their CV pre-saved to make applications quick and easy. However, with great ease also comes the possibility of great carelessness. Are we just clicking that apply button because we may as well? Thinking that because it is easy enough, it is worth a stab in the dark even though we may not have the correct qualifications.

Often, the result of these aimless applications results in very little, leaving candidates despondent and feeling that their CV is just being sent into a black hole, never to see the light of day. While this is rarely the case, there is also the other side of the story – the hiring managers. When writing job descriptions, hiring managers will naturally want to make the role sounds as interesting as possible, however, this often backfires resulting in high numbers of candidates applying for roles that they are not qualified for. The result of this is more time spent by hiring managers looking through irrelevant CVs, and therefore not looking at the ones that would be right for the role for as long.

How can I stand out from the crowd?

While I am by no means saying that applying for roles through job boards and LinkedIn will result in nothing, I am asking why you would want to make job applications harder for yourself than they already are? In a world where it increasingly seems harder to make yourself stand out, why put yourself at a disadvantage by applying through channels that make you one of hundreds, rather than one of few. To avoid being inundated with candidates unqualified for a role, more and more hiring managers are turning to recruiters to find them the right person for the job.

For some it may seem that in the age of this rapidly progressive and intelligent technology, we should be embracing the digitalisation of job searching, and remove the human element of the equation. However, if you really want to be noticed above all the white noise, the next time you start thinking about your next move, consider using recruiters. We have already built the relationship with clients and companies you want to work with, and by speaking to us, we can discuss your profile with the client and tell them why you would be great for a role. By having one conversation with a recruiter, you will most likely be opening yourself up to far more opportunities than being a part of a crowd, and have a much higher chance of securing that all-important interview, making it more personal instead of just clicking that ‘quick apply’ button.