European Insights Programme & Change Manager

The European Insights Programme & Change Manager is a pivotal role within the European Consumer & Market Intelligence team ensuring successful delivery and business integration of CMI Shared Services to drive transformational business impact.

This role will develop and drive the insight change management agenda across European Regional and Country teams and also lead programme operations for core CMI shared services. This includes continuous improvement on commercialization of insight to drive engagement and action in the business.

The role will lead the Insight shared services change management agenda, working closely with programme and project insight leads and a wide range of business partners – across brand marketing, digital marketing, campaign, product, sales, support and finance teams – to ensure that insight initiatives meet needs and to create and deliver embedding plans including communications as well as monitoring business action implementation.  This will require designing change management programme across European divisions and countries for teams and business processes.

In addition, the role will have lead CMI Shared Services operations – including identification and execution of new study designs and existing study change request processes, end to end partner agency management from staffing resourcing models and capabilities, study execution (data collection/operations) to reporting and data delivery and continuous improvement.  The role will also lead overall budgets and contract negotiation across partner agencies.

Key Objectives

The role will lead the Programme & Change Management agenda for CMI Shared Services across European businesses raising the value and impact of insights across European businesses while core operational delivery is met. The role will need to:

  1. Build change management programme to maximize impact of insight delivery across European regional and local country businesses.
  2. Lead strategic planning for delivery and optimization of insights across the shared services to maximize business impact, leveraging change management principles and methods.
  3. Engage with executive stakeholders and ensure insight is able to be commercialized and activated or address as required.
  4. Coordinate overall insight programme delivery of activity/activation into the business.
  5. Manage shared services method designs and development to continually meet business needs.
  6. Oversee agency management including development of strategic partnership models, client service resourcing, and insight delivery improvements and operational requirements.
  7. Manage existing and any development of Insight tolls across Knowledge Management, Management, Survey development/deployment and Survey Data analysis tools.