Head of Data Science: Overview

We are working with an app-based insurance company, founded to offer fairer priced car insurance to young drivers. Unlike mainstream insurers they use data from users real-world driving rather than unreliable demographics data. By providing to lower risk drivers only, they offer discounts of up to 40% to drivers who deserve a better deal. As the Head of Data Science, you will have the opportunity to build out the team and create an exciting new machine learning product.

What the job involves

  • Analysing data from the telematics platform to measure user behaviour
  • Develop complex behaviour models to produce accurate user profiles
  • Building end-to-end machine learning models
  • Creating innovative solutions to empower the business and solve problems moving forwards

About you: What you need to be the Head of Data Science 

  • 2-6 Years of experience in a commercial setting
  • Ideally from a quantitative academic background (maths, stats, data science) but open to all backgrounds with the right skills
  • Experience in languages such as Python, R and SQL
  • Experience working in cloud (AWS, REST API)
  • Strong data analysis skills with the ability to drill down into complex, granular data sets
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and capable of articulating specific functional or other technical problems
  • Experienced in creating and delivering reports/dashboards using tools such as Google Data Studio, Tableau or others
  • Fluent English

Experience in start-up environments and building a team is a big bonus