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Quant SRE

The Company

This client works on a variety of projects in various sectors, including retail, media, tech, cosmetics and pharma! Priding themselves on their use of quantitative, qualitative and complex analytical methodologies, with cross pollination across teams and opportunities to develop the skillset of their employees.

The Role

The role itself will be focused on working with the team’s largest quant tracker project, working in the tech sector, with ad hoc project work on an ad hoc basis. This is a great opportunity to develop qualitative and advanced analytical skills. Furthermore, providing the suitable candidate the opportunity to work across all sectors as well as granting them a great company culture to work in.

The Candidate

Key attributes of the suitable candidate include:

  • Prior quant tracker experience in previous roles, ad hoc, qual and analytics experience would be an added bonus.
  • Strong communication skills, oral and written.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience of working within market research.

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