We’re working with a great Reporting Analyst opportunity based in South West London for someone interested in advancing their advanced analytics skills 👨‍💻.


Our client is a market research agency working with some of the country’s most exciting brands, helping them tackle tactical decisions and strategize successfully.

They work on a variety of projects across retail 🛍️, media 🎧, automotive 🚘, pharma 😷💉, tech 🖳 and telecoms 📱.

They’re an agency who are looking to grow and to expand their capabilities utilizing a combination of qualitative, quantitative and complex analytical techniques. They aim to bridge the gap 🌉 between standard research agencies and business consultants by working closely with clients to translate insights into actionable business plans and actions.

They’re a team of knowledgeable and skilled researchers, bright people you’ll be able to learn from and bounce ideas off. The office is a sociable environment, professional in everything they do but not stuffy and formal. They give people the space they need to progress and the support and training to develop their careers 👨‍🎓 -> 👨‍💼.


The Reporting Executive role sits within the Advanced Analytics team and proactively identifies opportunities for automation across the business in order to increase general efficiency. Therefore, an understanding of data structures with the ability to visualise large evolving data maps 🗺️ is crucial.

The main responsibility of the role is to manage the data and the report automation 🤖 for our large international tracking studies. This includes organisation and maintenance of the databases, data quality checking, maintaining existing reporting automation processes, running ad-hoc analysis requests, and building Excel tools and visualisations.


The successful candidate will have advanced experience MS Office VBA macro programming. It is essential that they are able to read and write in VBA, building and modifying macros. The successful candidate will also have a good repertoire of commands in SPSS. Being able to manipulate data and diagnose data errors are key as well as having some knowledge of SPSS Syntax macros if possible.  They will need a good understanding of the management of data and databases, how to check data and know how to organise data efficiently.