Scorecard and Analytics Manager 

Our client is looking for an experienced analytics manager to join their team as a Scorecard and Analytics Manager. They are looking for someone with who is able to analyse key performance data, and more importantly, know how to share this information across the business.

Our Client

Our client is the market leader in consumer electronics in the country, putting innovative technology into the homes of Britain. They’re a major household brand who offer high-tech solutions for consumers. From high-resolution TVs to smart domestic appliances which you can control from your phone. They are on the front lines of innovation, as such, you will get to work in a dynamic environment. Above all, this is an opportunity to work in a large company which employs agile thinking.

The Role – Scorecard and Analytics Manager 

You will be a core member of the team, managing key internal data points in the marketing department and disseminating insight across the business. You will act as a supporting member of the team, able to demonstrate why the company is doing well, and how it can improve. At its heart, this role is all about communication and your ability to turn data into key business insights. You need to be able to present scorecard information to business leaders in a digestible way in order to help drive business strategy.

You will be responsible for improving the marketing, channel and retail efficiency analytics (Return on Investment) programme. The Scorecard and Analytics manager is in charge of using econometrics to enhance investment, as well as developing rapid programmes to measure marketing impact. The key to all of these functions will be your ability to integrate marketing analytics into the wider commercial organisation to provide planning across the marketing, commercial and channel teams.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with one of the world’s most popular electronics businesses.

The Candidate

The ideal candidate is an excellent, commercially minded communicator who knows how to turn data into actionable advice. A critical aspect of this role is a working knowledge of internal communication networks.  You must be a champion of the scorecard programme, spreading awareness across the business. The role requires you to explain your analysis to a variety of internal stakeholders to guide their commercial marketing choices. You need to be able to focus on the consumer in order to provide best-in-class commercial insight for this fast-paced business.

You will be a great collaborator,  knowing how to drive insights whenever possible. A successful candidate will be a flexible person, able to adapt to the high pace of the electronics market. This role is all about offering clear answers to the marketing team.

This role is a 12-month contract. Please note, this is a PAYE  only role and as such doesn’t take IR 35 status into account.

If this of interest, please apply below or send an email to with your CV.