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Career Planning

This could be cynically viewed as a shameless pitch to ask you to get in touch and talk to us, but it is also probably something you know you should do and tends to get pushed down the well-meaning ‘to do list’.

Which direction are you swimming in?

We all lead manic diary busting lives and don’t have time for anything ever and only when things go wrong, do we look for advice. We seek advice from Bank Managers and Independent Financial Advisors for money troubles. We go to Doctors to sort out our health issues. We go to Personal Trainers because we’ve decided to do something about our bodies. Shrinks for our minds. Nutritionists… you get the idea. Most of the time we speak to these people after the event, looking for reasons, answers and solutions. It all feels a bit like the “horse has bolted”. Who do you turn to when your job isn’t what you hoped, isn’t going in the right direction, environment isn’t right? A job board, an advert? A bit like googling your ailment or trying those PT Apps, or even going to a comparison’s website, if you’re anything like me you just want to TALK to a HUMAN BEING who will listen, understand your specific needs and advise accordingly. Terribly old fashioned, I know.

My advice is to be proactive in life

Go for regular health checks (the NHS starts asking to check your pulse when you’re 40! Is that when people suddenly become unhealthy?!). Speak to the bank manager or IFA about your longer-term goals, your financial future and security and ask how this is going to look and what you need to do. Seek out the PT when you’re in great shape and work out how to maintain this over the long run. ….and yes, speak to a recruitment consultant who understands your specific market. Someone who will understand where you want your career to go, advise you on how to get there, and perhaps most importantly, can unlock the door to a whole world of opportunities perhaps you had never thought of. Get on the front foot, be proactive, be in CONTROL of your future. Take time out to stick your head above water and check which way you are swimming. What’s the point of swimming so hard to the wrong place? So, let’s talk.