Nicholson Glover was born in 2002 after the dot com bubble had burst. In the wake of this, Francis Nicholson and Alice Glover were left without an employer. They decided to turn potential adversity into opportunity by becoming their own employers.

Right from its conception on the kitchen table, Nicholson Glover has maintained its core focus on servicing the research and insight industry, whilst expanding into new fields including data and analytics, strategy, and innovation.

In 2017, Rudy Fernando took a shareholding in the business, having worked his way up through the ranks, and since then, Nicholson and Fernando have led Nicholson Glover together.

The world of recruitment has changed a lot since 2002. The database sits in the cloud rather than in a cabinet in the corner. Connections are on LinkedIn rather than on roller decks. And CVs are sent over email rather than through the post.

20 years on, a few things around here remain intact: a concerted effort to continually build on our knowledge of the markets we serve; a firm commitment to an honest and helpful approach; and a priority for repeat business over short-term wins.


  • Achievement

    Consistently connecting organisations to the best talent on the globe.

  • Collaboration

    Working collectively to find positive outcomes, even for the most complex needs.

  • Knowledge

    Offering expert advice, advantageous perspective and industry insight.

  • Relationships

    Creating long-lasting relationships based on honesty, integrity and trust.

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    • 4 Candidates submitted per job
    • 75% Candidates invited to 1st interview
    • 98% Candidates passing probation