Through astute questioning, attentive listening, and relentless networking, we provide a recruitment experience that ignites growth for your team.

We’ll grasp the essence of your requirements and navigate the landscape of potential candidates with precision, so we can swiftly connect you with the perfect talent.

We’ll give you access to a vast network of exceptional individuals, providing immediate support and temporary cover for critical roles.

Our strategic planning and meticulous approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of that exceptional leader that will shape the destiny of your organisation.

We empower you to embark on scalable, sustainable, and affordable growth based on your funding stage.

  • The Best Talent

    We spend our days immersed in networking, forging enduring relationships with industry professionals. When the time is right, we strategically market your business, ensuring you gain unrivaled access to the finest talent.

  • Invaluable Market Knowledge

    We are not just a recruitment agency; we are your trusted advisors. By harnessing the power of competitor benchmarks and analysing sentiment surrounding your employer brand, we equip you with invaluable insights.

  • Precious Time

    We understand that time is your most valuable asset. That’s why we meticulously screen and evaluate candidates, presenting only those with the highest potential for success in interviews. By entrusting us with this task, you can focus on what truly matters.

  • A Clear Window into the Future

    We delve deep into the minds of our candidates, to build an understanding. This ensures that the interview process is safeguarded against misunderstandings, misaligned expectations, or untimely setbacks. We’ll guide every step of your recruitment process with intuition and clarity.

Our Clients.

  • (Nicholson Glover) have been true partners in our various recruitment missions and have always been positive; upfront; professional; insightful; purposefully challenging(!) and just bloody good to have in our camp. I heartily recommend you get them into yours too!

    Founder and Global CEO, jump!
  • Nicholson Glover has been a stand-out recruitment partner for us during a period of continued growth. They have taken the time to understand not only our technical needs but also our strong desire to identify the right cultural fit. The quality of candidates presented has been consistently high, and their management of successful candidates through the process has always been pragmatic and professional.

    Chief Operating Officer at Intuita
  • Thanks very much for all your support – this was a particularly tough campaign so it’s amazing that you found us the right candidate plus an added bonus that they came from a diverse background too which is really hard to secure in this market.

    Resourcing Partner at The Health Foundation
  • Having worked with Nicholson Glover over the past year we have found the experience is truly exceptional. I would highly recommend the team to anyone looking to recruit or move role; from a client perspective, they have made our processes as painless as possible, being able to deliver 100% of the time!

    Recruitment & Talent Advisor at C Space
  • Since joining Crowd I’ve worked with a few different recruitment consultants, Hannah and Rudy being two to name, and every time they have been quick to respond and super helpful. They are always keen to get involved and learn more about the business as a whole which then reflects strongly on the type of candidates we see. Hard skills are one thing but personality and cultural fit is so important for us and the team at Nicholson Glover really embrace that which is really appreciated.

    Head of People at Crowd DNA

Case Studies.

  • Nourish


    Finding blended Strategists to fuel business growth.

  • The Forge

    The Forge

    Finding director-level talent with a hands-on approach.

  • Sky


    Finding specialist insight and research candidates.

Let's Talk.

    • 4 Candidates submitted per job
    • 75% Candidates invited to 1st interview
    • 98% Candidates passing probation