Finding blended Strategists to fuel business growth.


April 25, 2024

“Rudy, Erika, and the team at Nicholson Glover are a go-to for us when it comes to recruitment. We (under Kitchen8, and now Nourish) have been working together for over 5 years now, and throughout this time they have consistently delivered top-tier candidates across various levels of seniority.

Their deep understanding of our business and the industry landscape, coupled with their proactive approach to sourcing and screening candidates, has been instrumental in helping us meet our talent acquisition needs. Their candidates are always perfectly matched to be able to deliver the high quality of work our clients expect, but also to broaden and build our own internal capabilities and culture.”

– Operations Director at Nourish 

Who are Nourish?

Nourish is a growth strategy, innovation, and culture change consultancy. Based in London, with hubs Oslo and Singapore, collectively they have delivered work in over 50 countries. Their aim is to reinvent, increase resilience, and nourish businesses, infusing a unique blend of creativity, commercial acumen, social responsibility, and cultural awareness. They boast an impressive client list across multiple sectors, including leading brands like Essity, Ferrero, Google, and Campari.

What did they need?

After a successful 12 years as Kitchen8, the company embarked on a new chapter with the arrival of fresh agency partners, rebranding itself as Nourish. The mission was clear: to broaden their scope of services, enhance their capabilities, and extend their reach to new locations, all while championing ‘innovation the world needs’ and fostering growth for people, businesses, and the planet.

With extensive market knowledge and a collaborative history spanning over 5 years with the Nourish team, Nicholson Glover understood the components required to shape this evolution. It was evident that to build Nourish’s offerings, they needed individuals with a distinctive skill set and a proactive mindset. Beyond seeking high-calibre talent, they aimed to recruit individuals who embodied optimism, adaptability, and excellence across various disciplines, including strategy, innovation, insights, and cultural transformation. Moreover, Nicholson Glover recognised the importance of finding candidates who could seamlessly blend strategy and research which is a rare combination, particularly among more junior candidates.

How did Nicholson Glover help?

Nicholson Glover has been instrumental in facilitating business growth for Nourish by providing support over several years across various roles, spanning from Associate Strategist to Strategy Director levels. Following the challenges posed by the pandemic, recruitment emerged as a top priority for Nourish. As a smaller business competing against larger agencies, the selection of new hires carried significant weight in shaping the company’s future trajectory. Therefore, it was imperative to secure top-tier talent.

Given the lean structure of the team, the ability of every member to hit the ground running was paramount, allowing senior staff to focus on vital areas such as new business development and operational efficiency. Candidates with agency backgrounds, adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously and possessing diverse industry experience, were the ideal addition to the team.

As well as successfully filling formal briefs, Nicholson Glover has cemented its position as a trusted partner to Nourish. Recognising the scarcity of suitable candidates in London, Nicholson Glover proactively connects potential candidates with the Nourish team. This proactive approach has resulted in multiple successful hires, demonstrating NG’s commitment to nurturing long-term partnerships and driving Nourish’s continued success.

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