Finding director-level talent with a hands-on approach.

The Forge

August 23, 2023

“Rudy has played a crucial role in helping us find and hire two amazing Directors for The Forge. Right from the start, Rudy was keen to understand the unique needs and the challenges we face as a consultancy firm with a very different business model. He really got what we’re all about and presented us with candidates who had the perfect combination of skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Throughout the entire hiring process, Rudy was a great communicator, keeping us in the loop at every stage and providing valuable insights and recommendations. He took the initiative in finding candidates, conducting thorough assessments, and coordinating interviews, making the whole experience smooth and efficient for both us and the candidates.

I highly recommend working with Rudy and his team. It’s been a pleasure with him, and we look forward to an ongoing partnership.”

– Director at The Forge

Who are they?

The Forge is an insight-led strategy consultancy that boasts a glittering portfolio of prestigious clients spanning a wide range of industries, including Kellogg’s, Diageo, and Universal. Their team of fifteen people is spurred on by a desire to solve the most complicated of business challenges; They work exclusively with C-Suite level clients, helping them tackle their most difficult projects.

Their team is comprised exclusively of very senior, director level consultants who have been plucked from both client-side roles and agencies, to ensure that the team is able to provide a blend of perspectives, resulting in the most comprehensive, well-rounded approach to every challenge.

What did they need?

The Forge recognised that finding director-level candidates willing to get their hands dirty with field work and hands-on analysis was going to be no easy feat. They were seeking out two senior quant directors, who had to have the seniority to be a heavy-hitter among a team of equally senior consultants, while simultaneously being willing to do a lot of the hard work themselves,

On top of that, the ideal candidate would need to possess the gravitas to be able to deal effectively with C-suite level stakeholders. And, as if the search wasn’t complex enough, The Forge also needed to find two individuals who possessed strong quant analytic skills, with the ability to perform complex tasks such as market-sizing.

That’s not to say that The Forge was looking for two candidates that were carbon copies of one another: Each senior quant director would need to bring something unique to the table in order to be welcomed into the fold. One director would need to be more analytical, while the other would ideally be more outgoing; Someone who wouldn’t be afraid to raise the profile of the business through attending networking and public speaking events. Finding a quant director with outward confidence and and the panache to build relationships and network was proving to be a challenge in its own right.

How did Nicholson Glover help?

Once presented with the brief, Nicholson Glover set to work. Aware that these candidates would have to be superstars in order to meet The Forge’s high, unfaltering expectations, our team had to identify a list of senior directors at boutique agencies doing strategic research, sifting through to find candidates who either had a specialism in advanced analytics or were publicly present, with a strong social profile. Having identified a number of potential candidates, we sent across fourteen CVs, five of which made it to the second stage. Both roles were filled successively, within three months of one another.

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