Conversation with a Consultant – Hannah Hutchings

Conversation with a Consultant – Hannah Hutchings

June 16, 2022

Introducing Hannah, recently promoted consultant on our research team! 

So Hannah, why did you decide to go into recruitment?

Whilst working in hospitality, travelling and volunteering, I realised I really enjoyed talking to new people and building rapport and relationships. A big part of recruitment is finding out what makes people tick, reading between the lines and understanding what they are looking for next in their career – I feel like this aligned well with what I enjoy.

Also, it is what you make it to be! If you put in the work then you see the results which is really rewarding.

And what drew you to Nicholson Glover as a company in particular?

I knew I wanted to work at a smaller company where you have direct contact with Directors and your whole team. I thought I would learn best in this environment where the training is hands on and getting stuck into calls from day one. Nicholson Glover is exactly like that. You are learning through doing and from your mistakes.

How have you found your experience here so far?

Nicholson Glover is a lovely place to work and absolutely exceeded my expectations! The team is a great mix of competitiveness and pushing you to do better and get things done. But also, supporting you in learning the recruitment industry and giving advice if you are in a new difficult situation. Overall, is a really collaborative workplace where you can learn so much every day.

Any advice for newcomers considering a career in recruitment?

Speak to different companies when you are interviewing. There are a lot of recruitment companies out there, that are different sizes but also covering a variety of industries and markets. It will definitely give you a better idea about what you are looking for and what you prefer. Also, learn about the pros and cons of recruitment. It isn’t always going to go your way and you have to be able to work independently at times which some people may not enjoy.

Have there been any highlights to your time here?

Making my first deal was definitely a highlight! Knowing that you are able to get something over the line is a great feeling.

Anything you didn’t expect about the role?

The role is quite like what I thought it was going to be, but more extreme than I thought? People are very unpredictable! There are so many factors out of your control that can change someone’s mind which makes for an exciting but more difficult deal.

Funniest or strangest thing you’ve seen on a CV?

There are always some quirky things, funniest is probably when there are some very staged or posey photographs! I also always find it interesting to read about some of the rogue and unconventional hobbies people have!

Your lowest moment on the job?

There are lots of highs and lows in recruitment. I think a low point was when a candidate accepted an offer and then went back and changed their mind. Obviously, it doesn’t feel great but I found that most the important thing was to try and learn from the experience and not let it demotivate me.

What’s your go-to drink on the monthly team social?

G&T… always a safe bet!

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