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January 7, 2022

“Having worked with Nicholson Glover over the past year we have found the experience is truly exceptional. I would highly recommend the team to anyone looking to recruit or move role; from a client perspective, they have made our processes as painless as possible, being able to deliver 100% of the time!” – Recruitment & Talent Advisor at C Space

Who are C Space?

C Space positions itself as a leading global customer agency, resolving problems for their clients by filtering them through the customer’s lens. They have evolved from a digital-first business to a more holistic consulting firm and as a deeply customer-centric business, they seek to connect their clients with customers, forging meaningful, long-term relationships built on loyalty. Their ultimate aim is to put the customer at the heart of all clients’ brand, marketing and business decisions. They work with a vast array of impressive clients, ranging from Ikea to Samsung, Land Rover to Etihad!

What did they need?

In 2019, C Space experienced significant expansion. Not only did they retain 96% of their existing client base, but they also won 62 new accounts globally! These successful international wins ramped up the company’s growth; growth that needed to be supported ASAP. C Space needed to scale up their London team of 130 people by at least 10%…and quickly!

In order to cater to their numerous new international clients, they needed to find candidates with specific language skills. This proved to be an added layer of difficulty atop an already arduous recruitment process for C Space; they were looking to support clients in French, German, Hindi, Mandarin, and Polish-speaking markets.

Because of the rate of growth C Space was experiencing, they turned to agencies for help in the recruitment process. They briefed five agencies as they were struggling under the weight of a hefty volume of recruitment, as they were in the process of scaling up the business by roughly 30%. The need for candidates was stacking up, and combined with the demand for particular language skills, this was making the hiring process particularly challenging for C Space.

How did Nicholson Glover help?

Five other agencies were briefed alongside Nicholson Glover. The agencies were all tasked with filling 14 particular roles, and of those, Nicholson Glover ultimately filled 10. In order to achieve this, our consultants set out on an extensive recruitment campaign, on a quest to find the right candidates who would fit the bill perfectly. Nicholson Glover dedicated significant resources to the search, focussing our efforts on three main areas: going through our own network and tapping into our extensive pre-existing candidate pool; getting referrals; and advertising across multiple channels.

We pursued this three-pronged tactic in order to cast the net as far as possible, ensuring that Nicholson Glover would be able to supply C Space with a consistent stream of high-quality talent for them to bring to interview. Our endeavours were clearly worth it, as we filled 71% of the roles they released.

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