Reconciling ex-client-side candidates to a consulting environment.


February 10, 2022

“Nicholson Glover has been a stand-out recruitment partner for us during a period of continued growth. They have taken the time to understand not only our technical needs but also our strong desire to identify the right cultural fit. The quality of candidates presented has been consistently high, and their management of successful candidates through the process has always been pragmatic and professional” – Chief Operating Officer, Intuita

Who are Intuita?

Intuita is a data and analytics consultancy, and their experienced team has a deep understanding of the data challenges that organisations face. They support companies at every stage of their data journey, composing robust data ecosystems and outsourcing their services to businesses. They work with an array of renowned brands, such as John Lewis and Virgin Media. Their services cover the full data spectrum, spanning strategy, architecture, business intelligence and analytics. With the intention of growing the company across analytics, business intelligence and data consulting, Intuita armed Nicholson Glover with their brief.

What did they need?

Nicholson Glover were tasked with finding more senior and principal level consultants on the analyst side. They were looking for high-calibre candidates, ideally from a client-side background with multi-industry knowledge. This would give these candidates the inside scoop on client worlds; they’d have the capacity to respond to client concerns with expertise. Intuita were also seeking candidates with hands-on experience of delivering large-scale analytics solutions and insights. Furthermore, they needed candidates who could really focus on seeing delivery through and providing project leadership. The ideal candidate would take ownership of projects, showcasing their strong client relationship skills and commercial awareness in the process. By hiring such dynamic and productive individuals, senior directors would be free to focus their attention primarily on growing the business.

Intuita encountered a series of sizeable challenges in the hiring process. For one thing, the data world in and of itself is a highly competitive environment. Companies tend to snatch up top-class consultants from established brand names in a heartbeat. Furthermore, reconciling ex-client-side candidates to a small consulting environment posed a significant challenge; they had to find candidates who could adjust to a small agency after working in a corporate company. They’d need to be capable of juggling multiple clients in multiple industries at once; a hefty transition from client-side life, to say the least.

How did Nicholson Glover help?

Nicholson Glover set out to find the ideal candidates that Intuita were looking for: dynamic, self-motivated, detail-oriented and proactive individuals who would be team players in an expert analytics team. We tapped into our greatest resource: our highly-skilled candidate pool. We embarked on a mission to find candidates with the diverse skillset necessary: individuals with mixed experience on the client-side and at an agency with a thorough understanding of a wide range of analytics tools and techniques but also a sound understanding of the wider data ecosystem, aka the bigger picture.

It was no easy feat. Nicholson Glover spoke extensively with as many prospective candidates as possible. We also spent time with line managers in a bid to really get under the skin of the company in order to determine who would be the best cultural fit. We endeavoured to find the perfect candidates who would match up to Intuita’s high standards.

The hard work was worth it. Nicholson Glover placed 4 people at Intuita over 12 Months. Over the past year, the company has doubled from 17 to 35 employees, making Nicholson Glover responsible for around a quarter of Intuita’s new hires.

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