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Training Academy Manager- Behavioural Science.

  • £45,000
This leading behavioural science consultancy specialises in designing and delivering cutting-edge training packages to allow their corporate clients to start embedding behavioural science within their teams through various curriculum tailored to a range of levels of expertise.
  • Job Description:

    As a Training Manager, you will play a pivotal role in designing, implementing, and managing training programs tailored to the specific needs of our corporate clients. You will leverage your expertise in behavioural science to develop engaging and impactful learning experiences that drive behaviour change and improve organizational performance.

  • Key Responsibilities:

    1. **Training Program Development:** Collaborate with clients and internal stakeholders to understand their training needs and objectives. Design customized training programs that incorporate principles of behavioural science and best practices in instructional design.

    2. **Content Creation:** Develop high-quality training materials and ensure content aligns with client goals, addresses key behavioural challenges, and promotes desired outcomes.

    3. **Facilitation and Delivery:** Lead training sessions for corporate clients, both in-person and virtually. Utilize engaging facilitation techniques to foster participant interaction, encourage knowledge retention, and stimulate behaviour change.

    4. **Evaluation and Continuous Improvement:** Implement evaluation strategies to measure the effectiveness of training programs and gather feedback from participants. Analyse data to identify areas for improvement and refine training approaches accordingly.

    5. **Client Relationship Management:** Cultivate strong relationships with clients, serving as a trusted advisor on training-related matters. Communicate regularly to provide updates, address concerns, and identify opportunities for additional support or collaboration.

    6. **Team Collaboration:** Collaborate with colleagues across departments, including sales, marketing, and research, to ensure seamless delivery of training services. Share insights and best practices to enhance the overall effectiveness of our training offerings.

  • Qualifications:

    – Bachelor’s degree in psychology or behavioural science, or a related field.

    – Proven experience designing and delivering training programs in a corporate or consulting environment.

    – Strong understanding of behavioural science principles and their application to training and development.

    – Excellent facilitation and presentation skills, with the ability to engage diverse audiences and communicate complex concepts effectively.

    – Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data, evaluate program effectiveness, and drive continuous improvement.

    – Exceptional project management abilities, including the capacity to manage multiple priorities and deadlines simultaneously.

    – Client-focused mentality with a commitment to delivering high-quality service and exceeding client expectations.

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